Hi there,

My name is Michael Spek.  Since 1999 I've been making music and helping other musicians realizing their musical dreams.  I am mostly a sound engineer/producer, but I also play double bass and bassguitar.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, this is were I started my musical journey.  After piano lessons and a some guitar experiments I found the bass guitar... and then double bass, my instrument :)

At this time I was studying mechanical engineering and discovered the wonderful world of sound engineering, for me, the perferct combination of science and art.

In 2007 I moved to Saint Petersburg, Russia, where I lived and worked for almost 7 years.  Since 2016 I have my own studio in beautiful Bamberg, a small city in Bavaria, Germany, where I do most my editing, mixing and mastering.  Of course I'm still more than happy to travel to help you get the best possible recordings, in a local studio closer to you or on location with my own gear.

I love music and can enjoy and work on many different styles, as long as I can feel the emotion of the song, I can make the sound fit and amplify the intended emotion.  That said, I'm most experienced in acoustic music, jazz, blues, country and rock.