What I can do for you.

Of course your project may require something in between or a combination of these services.  For a personal offer, please mail or call me.


For recording of voices, instruments, your band or complete orchestras. In the studio as well as on location or live concert registrations.

Besides music I can also record sound for film.


No matter how great your recordings are, some sort of editing will almost always be necessary, especially if there were multiple takes or overdubs done.

Editing is the art of creating the best possible total picture of your song from the recorded parts and may include choosing the best parts out of multiple takes (comping), correcting timing or tuning of instruments or vocals.


Want to get the best out of your recordings?

With my over 20 years of experience, I would love to help you with that.

Please contact me for a personal offer.


Happy with your recordings and mixes?

Mastering puts the final touches on your already good sounding mix, making your single "radio ready" or giving your songs the coherancy and sound that makes them an album.  

Please contact me for a personal offer.


When working on your songs for some time, it can become difficult to keep an objective "listeners" point of view.

I can help you or your band to get the best out of your song(s). Including preproduction, arranging and of course the above mentioned services.

Live sound

As a live sound engineer I can offer you my more than 20 years of experience, working with various bands and artists, for music venues, in theaters or at festivals.

My main focus has been on acoustic music, jazz and world music, but I have enjoyed blues, country, rock or classical music just as much.